Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Ride a Schwinn 230 Exercise Bike?

One of the worst mistakes you can make when choosing an exercise bike is spending too little money. Here's why... Cheap bikes self destruct and are no fun to use while they last. As a contrast, the Schwinn 230 exercise bike offers good value, but at a fair price too. The 230 is noted for 3 real advantages.


The magnetic drive is almost whisper quiet. That way you can watch movies or read a book and you get to do it in quiet. You can even listen to music while you pedal away.


The seat on these bikes gets much praise. It's a big almost reclining seat that's rated high for comfort. Plus the seat is on a sliding rail so it fits just about anybody. It's comfort all the way. That way you can ride longer and harder and still be comfortable.

Fight boredom.

Why do exercise bike owners not ride those machines? Easy... Boredom. One way to win over boredom is with the built-in programmable workouts. That's another way this machine is rated high. It has lots of workout routines to keep the rides interesting and fun. You can mix up workouts and fight back the boredom.

The Schwinn 230 exercise bike is a good value and a quality machine. Ride in quiet and comfort on this machine. You also get plenty of computer power so you can avoid the boredom of pedaling. Here's another thing... You can buy these bikes at a big discount off of retail price, if you buy at the right place...

By Al Bullington

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5 Tips to Get the Best Dual Action Exercise Bike

For years the dual action exercise bike has been a popular machine. See, you can work out your lower body and your upper body at the same time. That's a good deal. Not just because it's a better workout either. It's a great way to fight boredom. Boredom stops many exercise bike riders. Here's what to look for to get the ride machine.

1. Heavy counts...

See, what you want is heavy and rugged. Why's that? This type of machine takes a real beating. There's one brand that made these machines famous. There are also look-alikes that want a piece of that market. Problem is... the wannabes often come apart in no time. Make sure your bike is heavy and rugged...

2. Seats count too.

Riding an exercise bike involves a lot of sitting and quite a bit of moving. The right seat makes all the difference. You can almost tell by looking that many seats are torture devices. Get a good seat. You won't be sorry.

3. Noise matters.

Dual action machines generate resistance by turning a fan. That's a good way to make a lot of wind and a bunch of noise too. Does the bike you're looking at shield the rider from the wind? Is there some attempt to control the noise? There's more...

4. Looks can be tricky...

A bike may look like it would work, but look deeper. Look at the fit and finish of a machine. If it's really cheap to buy, there may be a reason. Quality pays, but it often costs too. Buy a discount machine and get ready for a self-destruct. Don't pay too little for an exercise bike. It will be a waste of money.

5. Are there a lot of owners?

Can you find owner feedback? That's the ticket. Especially if you find a bike that's been around for years. You can then feel some confidence that you will be wisely turning loose of your hard earned funds.

A dual action exercise bike is a great way to stay fit without leaving home. Look out though. It's hard to make a machine that can stand up to the pounding. Looks are deceiving too.

By Al Bullington

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Using a Fitness Exercise Bike is the Best Form of Exercise

There are a wide range of fitness exercise bikes on the market today, offering the perfect workout for literally everyone who with fitness goals. From someone looking to drop a few extra pounds to those just looking to tone up or maintain their current weight, an exercise bike is the perfect home tool to help achieve these goals.

You probably know by now that the only formula for real weight loss or maintenance is calories in versus calories out. You have to burn more than you eat to lose weight or balance it nicely to keep at your current weight. Try going in the other direction and you will find your need for a home exercise bike even more urgent as you pick up more weight.

Fitness bikes help with this equation because they will help you burn off massive calories on a daily basis, so that you can eat a little more while still losing weight. Dieting alone is one way to go, but you will have to seriously restrict calories in order to stay below the amount your body naturally burns just to stay alive and sustain your daily movements.

Exercise is critical so that you can eat a little more and still take off the weight or improve your physical fitness. Biking has always been one of the best ways to burn off calories and maintain a healthy body, but now it has been made even more comfortable with the recumbent fitness exercise bike.

With a recumbent you ride in a seated position with your legs stretched out in front of you. There is virtually no pressure on your lower body unless you really crank up the resistance on purpose. This makes recumbent bikes excellent forms of exercise without the dangers that you may worry about with an upright bike.

The best part is that working out in your home doesn't have to be expensive. There are very affordable options, such as the highly rated Proform fitness bike. For as little as a couple hundred dollars you can have an efficient bike in your home that burns calories at whatever time of day is convenient to you.

If you prefer the older bike style, consider the Schwinn Airdyne fitness bike. It delivers more resistance the harder you pedal just like older bikes and even delivers a cooling breeze as you pedal. If you have physical fitness goals to meet, fitness exercise bikes could make the difference between sticking to an exercise program and giving up because it is inconvenient.

By Robin Murphy

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Exercise Bikes Are Great

Exercising is very important to the health of all people. If you live in America there is a 40% chance that you are well overweight. It's no surprise that exercise equipment sales are on a rise. How many people do you know that buy a treadmill and use it less than 10 times? I know a lot of people that have a great treadmill but it ends up with dust all over it and takes up half of a room in their house. Treadmills are a great way to get some exercise but who has that much space? The are super expensive and most of them are very loud. If you want to get into shape I would suggest that you get an exercise bike.

  • They are silent for starters so you won't annoy everyone else in the room if you decide to start riding it.
  • They are inexpensive compared to all the bulky equipment available today.
  • They can be stored in the closet and in some cases even under you bed.
  • They are very good for people with bad joints, especially knee problems. Because you are seated the full impact of your body isn't crushing down on your knees every second.
  • They allow you to exercise while doing other things such as reading a book or watching T.V.
  • Some come with a backrest for people with bad backs. The style with a backrest is called a recumbent bike.
So with all the positive reasons listed about biking for good health why would you go with any other type of machinery. Don't pay tons for a some contraption that you will only use a couple of times, stick to what is familiar and enjoyable.

By Cade O.

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