Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exercise Bike Recumbent Type

The exercise bike recumbent type is made for comfort. With this you sit on a seat with a back support with the pedals in front of you.

A recumbent bike is just what you need if you have injuries or disabilities that would keep you off an upright bike. The seating position is much like a reclining chair. Getting on the bike is easy since there are no high bars to step over.

You can get very moderate priced recumbent bikes or bikes priced at thousands of dollars.. Generally you get what you pay for. The more expensive machines will have higher quality components and heavier construction. Plus the better bikes will have more complex electronics. But the more modestly priced bikes may have all the quality and features you need, especially the bikes in the $500 range.

The recumbent exercise bike type is especially good if you have a disability and often a bike is made just for your need. For example if you need an upper body workout, there are upper body ergonometers made to be "pedaled" using just the arms and shoulders. If you have limited mobility consider a walk through model suited for your use.

Consider where you will use your recumbent bike. These bikes are big and have a large footprint. A few models are more compact and some fold to fit in a smaller space, but many models are best suited for a garage or larger workout space. So consider the space you have before making your purchase.

The performance monitoring electronics should do what you want. Any model will monitor calories burned, elapsed time and miles traveled. But all kinds of other features are available. Pre-set workouts where the resistance is varied to simulate varying terrain are popular. Or choose a machine with capability to use interactive games while you ride. Pick a system to make a workout more fun and your workout time will fly by.

Pick a high quality recumbent exercise bike and you'll have smooth workouts that will improve your fitness level and make you feel better all over.

By Al Bullington

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