Monday, March 30, 2009

An Exercise Bike Lease, Is It Better Than Outright Buying?

Are you an individual wanting to try an exercise bike before you buy? Or perhaps you own a gym and would like to upgrade or obtain additional bikes. Either way, you may want to consider an exercise bike lease to try before you buy!

Put an exercise bike in your home for a lot less than purchasing new

You know you should be working out. You want to, but maybe stuck trying to decide which way to go on an exercise bike. Upright or recumbent? Traditional or elliptical? There are many different types to choose from. One way to try before you buy is to lease a bike. Leasing gives you the opportunity to workout on the bike before you commit to buying. Then if you like a leased model, many times you can work out a lease to own. If you find you don't like the bike, return it. Simple as that!

Gym owners may be able to save money leasing equipment

In order to keep a gym up to date with the latest exercise bike models, and indeed all workout gear, an owner finds themselves facing high replacement costs. One solution to this dilemma is to lease equipment. Leasing allows you to obtain the equipment right away, and make affordable payments monthly. Many times a lease to own program is offered by the leasing company. And guess what? Leasing Can Provide Tax Advantages. Most lease payments can be deducted from your corporate income.

Individual or company, leasing allows you to try the latest gym equipment.

Nobody can possibly keep up with the rapid changes in exercise equipment. What's hot today is not tomorrow. For a gym, this is deadly. If you want to stay competitive, you have to stay current. For an individual, you want the most up to date, safest equipment you can find. Leasing allows you the opportunity to explore different pieces.

An exercise bike lease may be the perfect way for you to try for yourself the latest in workout bikes. Find the one that suits you, and will not get stuck in the corner of the house or gym unused.

By: John Phillips

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Upright vs Recumbent Exercise Bike

The upright stationary exercise bike has been around for quite some time but recently the recumbent exercise bike has become increasingly popular. There's some debate about which is better. Personally, I believe they both have advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best depends on your overall fitness level and what it is you want to achieve using a bike.

Both types of bike have their negative and positive points. As the recumbent bike is a relative newcomer that's proved to be quite popular, let's take a look at it first.

Advantages of a recumbent exercise bike

Comfort is without doubt its biggest selling point. Many complain of being saddle sore when using a traditional upright; no matter how padded the seat is, after any length of time your rear end gets a little sore. However, with a recumbent, you sit in a chair - not on a seat - and this eliminates a sore bottom.

People with lower back problems find the support offered when sitting in a seat in a reclined position enables them to cycle for longer, than they would do on an upright, thus getting a better workout. People who are overweight also find it more comfortable to recline in a chair rather than sit on a seat.

Cycling in a reclined position works the gluteal muscles more than cycling upright. If you're looking to improve the shape of your butt, the recumbent is the way to go.
Sore or numb wrists and fingers are a thing of the past as you hands no longer support the weight of your upper body.

The recumbent exercise bike is also more ergonomic. This means that breathing is improved as abdominal muscles relax, which in turn leads to a better cardiovascular workout.
Disadvantages of a recumbent bike
Unlike an upright, your movement is restricted. And, many fitness experts believe that the reclined position encourages a slower, less intense workout.
Advantages of an upright bike
Your movement is not restricted so you can choose to either sit down or stand up as you pedal. This means that you can exercise different areas of muscle. Many models also come with handle bars that allow the rider to either cycle in a sitting up position or in a more competitive, racing position.

Uprights take up less space and generally cost less because there are fewer parts to the frame. This means that for the same money you generally get a better bike with an upright model.
Most fitness experts tend to agree that you get a more physical and intense workout on an upright.

Disadvantages of an upright bike

These have already been listed in the advantages of a recumbent bike section.
In conclusion, upright bikes are more suited to those who are already in shape and want workouts that will keep them that way or take them to the next level. A recumbent exercise bike is best suited for those who've never exercised before, who have back problems, overweight, or have mobility problems. But whichever model you think is best for you, you should give both types a try out before you buy.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Exercise Bike Seat - A Smooth Ride

The better your exercise bike seat, the more comfortable the ride. Nobody will continue an exercise bike fitness program if every ride is agonizing. Choose a comfortable seat and keep on pedaling.

What are the choices for a comfortable bicycle seat? First, most any exercise bicycle can be modified to use a regular bicycle seat. So if you find a comfortable bicycle seat, it can become your exercise bike seat. Usually it's just a matter of loosening one nut under the seat and pulling one seat off and slipping on another.

Many exercise bikes come with very wide seats, much wider than regular bicycles. Most of the weight of the rider is supported by the seat. Less weight is supported by the arms and legs. That's usually more comfortable, but not always. The major muscles in the hips are very involved in bicycle pedaling. Over a long pedaling session, if you're sitting on those muscles, you can develop cramps in the muscles.

That's why racing street bicycles have such small seats, to take the load off the hip muscles. More of your weight is on your arms and legs with a road bike especially if you ride hard and fast. But the trade-off is the narrow seats put pressure on the pelvic bones with the related nerves and blood vessels. That can cause numbness in the groin area.

Usually a wider exercise bicycle seat is better and the feel is improved with padding. Gel padding is what you want for the best feel. There are different types of gels with different feels. You can get a gel padded seat or buy a slip-on gel pad for your existing seat.

You can see gel pads and seats at your local bike shop. Discount stores often stock gel pads. Or shop online for a seat or pad. Since the size and fit of seats varies, make sure you can return the seat if it doesn't work for you.

Don't quit using your exercise bike because of a poor seat. A new seat or even an inexpensive seat cover may be all you need to keep you pedaling toward better fitness.

By Al Bullington

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