Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Exercise Bikes Vs Normal Cycles

One of the most controversial subjects of fitness equipment is whether exercise bikes have the same effect compared to a normal cycle. Put simply the answer is no, you never get the exact same workout compared to the real thing.

So why would you ever consider purchasing an exercise bike for your home, well as you are well aware in the United Kingdom we get cold wet winters, and finding the time to go out to cycle when its light in the winter is almost impossible, in fact the only time you can really cycle is when you have time off work.

So why do exercise bikes give a different workout

You have to factor in the differences of the two workouts, for example on a cycle you will feel bumps on the road, the wind direction, the mental concentration needed. With an exercise bike you site and pedal, yes you have various programs to simulate hills but the concentration needed is not the same and if you normally use exercise bikes in the gym you may be distracted by the music or the television. Although the calories burned wont be the same they won’t be far apart, I would say that the difference is about 15%

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