Friday, November 7, 2008

The Benefits of an Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a piece of home gym equipment then look no further than an exercise bike. They are really popular both at home and in the gym. They provide all you need to stay in shape.

You may be amongst the many people that just don't get enough exercise in their daily lives. We are increasingly spending more and more time sat in front of computers both at home and in the work place.

The common excuse for not getting enough exercise is lack of time, well when was the last time you sat in front of the TV and watched a 30min soap. Quite often I would have thought. Having your own exercise bike allows you not only to enjoy your favourite soap but get a healthy workout. The modern exercise bike is smooth and quiet; you won't disturb the neighbours with a modern bike. Doing this will go a long way to getting your recommended exercise everyday.

Those that suffer with back problems or knee and joint problems will have no trouble with an exercise bike, especially if you choose a recumbent exercise bike. There is no impact on your joints with an exercise bike, there is enough load to provide a good strengthening workout to your lower body. The recumbent bike is probably easier on the back because of it riding position; the soft padded seat will also prevent saddle soreness.

If you are a fair weather friend, or live in a cold wet climate then the exercise bike will allow you to workout indoors where it is dry and warm. No more battling the elements and getting wet to stay in shape, great during the winter months.

Regular aerobic exercise is excellent for your heart; a regular exercise routine will reduce the risk of heart problems. As more and more people are leading sedentary lives this has to be a good thing.

You cannot go far wrong with choosing an exercise bike for your daily fitness needs; there are bikes available to suit just about all budgets.

By Dave R Jones

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