Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exercise Bike Tips

Exercise bikes have several advantages compared to other types of fitness equipment, below is a list of reasons why exercise bikes have the advantage:

Easy to use – most bikes are relatively easy to use and do not require much coordination, also the weight that bears down on your legs is much less compared to a treadmill. This is one of the most recommended pieces of exercise equipment for newbie exercisers

Low Price – exercise bikes are quite affordable and this is due to the vast competition forcing manufactures to cut prices.

Time of year – in the U.K we have cold dark winters where you couldn’t really take your bike out for a 5 mile bike ride. For the working majority finding time in the winter months to ride your bike can be hard, most people will be restricted to the weekend. With an exercise bike you are only limited to your own dedication to exercise.

Set up time – compared to a pedal bike you do not have to pump up the tires, fill up your water bottle, put on a helmet etc. You just get on the exercise bikes and peddle; this makes it quicker for you to start your exercise.

What to look

• Power supply – is the exercise bike supplied with a power supply

• Adjustable – you want to make sure the bike seat is fully adjustable to your body

• Braking system – for more advanced (expensive) exercise bikes you can have breaking system, this allows you to use more sophisticated programs such as hill starts.

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Fitness said...

Bicycling is a good cardiovascular exercise that could increase the health of your heart. A bike with several speeds will allow you to increase you fitness level as your cardiovascular function improves. Bicycling increases your balance. Learning to ride a bike is all about staying upright. You can get more information about exercise bike which I browsed on internet can fetch you help.

kesha said...

Just starting out on an exercise bike, do just 10, or even five, minutes at a time. You will be limited at first by something called local muscular fatigue, that is, your legs get tired. This will get better as you use the bike more. Use it several times a day. As you get used to it, do longer sessions. Try to work up to doing a total of 45 minutes to an hour most days. This will get you in good cardio shape and burn a good number of calories.


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